Swimming : Learning The Rules And Guidelines

SwimmingSwimming is an activity and sport where the person moves in the water by using arms and legs movement. It could also be a way of relieving stress and could be a form of relaxation to others. Not all people could swim and thus, it could be considered a skill. For one to learn swimming, they should first undergo training so that they would be able to know the techniques as well as the rules involved in it.

What are some of the Swimming techniques?

• Side Stroke
Swimmers do not usually use this technique during a competition. However, learning this technique is greatly important for it could be used in rescuing someone. The reason for this on is that it only requires a single arm in swimming. Thus, the other arm could be used in holding the person in need of help. With this technique, the swimmers swim on their side.

• Front Crawl
This is also called as the Freestyle Technique. Most swimmers use this technique as it provides them greater speed. In this technique, you are required to kick hard using your feet while the arms alternately move over the head and into the water. In doing this, you need to keep your body as straight as you can.

• Butterfly
For the butterfly technique, you need to place your arms over your head while pushing them to the water in propelling yourself. The kick for this stroke is dolphin style and that is why there is a need for it to stay together straight while you are kicking. To do this, you need to stabilize yourself. This is considered as the second fastest stroke out of all the swimming strokes.

• Backstroke
This is quite similar with the freestyle. The only difference is that you are floating using your back instead of your front facing the water. In doing this, your lungs should be on surface while you’re back is floating and the rest of your body is submerged in the water. Your body should be horizontal as you swim.

• Breaststroke
The breaststroke comes with the frog style kick where there is a need to bend your knees and kick your legs. Your body should also be streamlined and flat. This is one of the oldest and the slowest stroke. This one is more popular to adults as it is easy to learn especially if they do not know how to swim at all. This has two variations: the high lift stroke and the flat stroke.

What are some of the swimming rules?

• For the freestyle stroke, the swimmer is not allowed to push off the pool’s bottom, pull on the lane line nor use the other parts of their bodies in touching the far wall. Otherwise, they could use any stroke technique. When the race has multiple laps, then the swimmer could do a flip turn or an open turn depending on what they wanted to use. However, they need to make sure that their hand does not touch the wall. Instead, they should only use their feet.

• For the butterfly stroke, both of the arms should come out in every stroke. Moreover, the swimmer also need to kick their feet together. There are swimmers who lifts their head and their shoulders to breathe while some breathe on the side. Each lap should be finished with both the hands of the swimmer touching the wall. When the race has multiple laps then the swimmers do open turns instead of flip turns.

• For the backstroke, the swimmer should always be on their back while they are facing the sky. Moreover, they would be disqualified if their shoulder turned more than 90°. The only exception for this one is when they flip turn in the backstroke races when it has multiple laps. There is also a need for a continuous arm movement and the swimmers should always remain on their back until they have touched the wall after finishing the race.

• For the breaststroke, the use of Scissor Kicks is not allowed. The strokes of the arms should always start and end in streamline position. They are also not allowed to pull their hands down to where it pasts their hips. Thus, there is a need to keep their elbows in the water. In ending the race, they should touch using their two hands.

Swimmers did not become expert swimmers in an instant. They have allotted their time for swimming training and practicing all the things that they have learned. That is how they have greatly improved their swimming skills. There are also sites teaching various workouts to improve their swimming techniques as well as workouts that fits the swimming level and the fitness of the swimmer. By visiting them and doing it, then they could even become the best swimmer in the world.